How to Toilet Train an incredibly stubborn child….

Historic Tips from the Mum of two of them…. UPDATE: This post was written several years ago for a different blog. At the end of this blog post, I state that my daughter was accident free for 6 months. It is important to note that she has never had an accident since, and it’s been  … Read more

BII breast implant illness Perth ruptured implant leak illness chronic health

Breast Implants… Paying the ultimate price for beauty.

I stare straight up into the bright lights over head. The cannula is quickly inserted and he starts rubbing my arm gently. His kind eyes and his gentle touch are an attempt to reduce my fears. “Just a quick sleep, Bianca, then everything is going to be okay…”. From somewhere in the corner of the  … Read more

chronic pain and fatigue fibromylagia

Living With Chronic Pain – My Journey

My alarm goes off. I’ve barely slept after another long night of tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable without the searing pain waking me up. I’m exhausted. I open my eyes, slowly. Dammit… The light creeping through the partially opened blinds is enough to set off another migraine. Great. Already starting this bad, huh?  … Read more

QT HOTEL – Perth’s Freshest Hotel Yet!

After a whirlwind 3 months since opening its doors to the people of Perth; QT Hotel has already made its mark on the city. If you’re after a calm hotel to rest yourself within 4 plain white walls without interruption; then you’re at the wrong destination. QT Hotel will distract and entice you with all  … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your On Page SEO

If you’re about to create a new website, or considering a website redesign, make sure you check out some of our digital marketing tips! (you can thank us later!) Like it or not, SEO is an essential part of your online marketing strategy – and one which we love helping our clients with! Why? Because  … Read more

Starting a New Business Venture (Ft. Timber & Wolf)

As you know, I love supporting local small businesses and especially supporting (and admiring!) other women in business. I enjoy chatting all things self-employment and love finding out what makes other entrepreneurs ‘tick’. What do they enjoy and what do they find challenging about going out “on their own” and chasing their business dreams. I  … Read more

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