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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your On Page SEO

If you’re about to create a new website, or considering a website redesign, make sure you check out some of our digital marketing tips! (you can thank us later!)
Like it or not, SEO is an essential part of your online marketing strategy – and one which we love helping our clients with! Why? Because in today’s digital world; when faced with a problem, question or choice, over 90% of people will do one thing. They Google it.
So what has this got to do with SEO? SEO is what determines which websites are shown in the results of queries typed into Google. Therefore, to get your business seen; you need SEO.
If hearing the words “SEO” and “marketing strategy” has resulted in you sticking your fingers in your ears, don’t worry, you’re not alone. However; SEO is not something to be scared of!
We encourage all of our clients to embrace SEO as the wonderful marketing tool that it is! Have a read of our tips to improve your own on-page SEO; or contact us and we would love to manage your SEO for you!
What is On Page SEO?
When people talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), they are referring to a term used to describe how a website can be optimised so it is more attractive to search engines. This allows you to rank higher in search engine results, and therefore get high quality visitors to your website. SEO also helps you create a user-friendly, credible website. Short-term fixes can work for a time, but the best SEO relies on a long-term strategy to sustain effective SEO on your website.
Good SEO starts right at the beginning when you set up your website, and never stops. In this blog post, we share our tips on “on-page SEO”; however there are many facets to SEO (more of which we will share in future blogs, so make sure you subscribe!).
Why is SEO so important?
Do you want people to visit your website? More importantly, would you like a decent percentage of those visitors to actually contact your business and/or then buy the products and/or services you’re selling? I’m assuming you are nodding now, right? We are here to assure you that this is not a fantasy; and is very much achievable with an SEO strategy. You actually can achieve a high visitor conversion rate, through good on-page SEO. You want people to find your business when they do a related search online – and because they have found you through keyword searching, they are already hot leads!
Hopefully by now you are starting to get excited about SEO and can see how it forms part of your whole marketing strategy … let’s tackle some ways to get started.
Tips to improve your On Page SEO
1. Keywords: yes, do use keywords but don’t stuff them in where they don’t belong! Google is always changing the algorithms, but currently the best way to achieve great on page SEO is to create high-quality content and focus on relevant, well researched key words rather than just relying on heavy keyword usage. Definitely DON’T hide keywords where viewers can’t see them; this is NOT good SEO practice and when Google catches on, your site will be penalised. Keyword research, including competitor analysis, is a great way to get started. Ask us for more information on our SEO reports and tools!
2. Page structure: you should always structure each page on your site with a clear arrangement and use a strong title, sub headings and content blocks (this goes for all pages on your website including blogs, sub-sections and the home page).
3. Site structure: a good web designer (who has experience in SEO service) will help you achieve a website layout that Google loves. Google will “crawl” your website and check that everything is set up properly; and it loves when it can clearly see where your important content is.
4. Fresh content: one of the most important rules of online marketing is to keep your content fresh, and edit your web content regularly.
5. Utilise your blog section: blogs are a great way to create content that answers the questions your customers are likely to be asking; and an excellent way to increase your keyword usage. Blogs also give your potential clients value, and position you as a subject matter expert; so it’s a win-win! Don’t have the time to write your own? Ask us for more information on our blog-writing services!
6. Links on your website: on each page within your website, link back to other pages in your website – and link to external sites too if relevant.
7. Caption your images: if you have images on your website and in your blog section, make sure you are linking keywords into the title of the image. So, if you are promoting your local cleaning business, rather than simply captioning an image “cleaning bathroom” you might caption it “efficient and friendly cleaning service” or “best Perth cleaning service”. Make sure your images are of great quality too!
8. Optimise your site for mobile devices: we all know that mobile use is on the rise, in fact it’s exploding! More website visits are from mobile than desktop (you can check your views via Google Analytics). With this knowledge, you need to ensure your website is optimised for mobile use, or responsive.
9. The page path / URL: this need to be thought out. Each page URL needs to contact keywords related to what the page is about, and follow a structure. Avoid Superfluous Words and Characters. Consider Case Sensitivity, use hyphens but avoid underscores and keep your URL short and sweet. Make sure your web developer knows about SEO and best practice with URLS!
10. Meta description: this is simply the teeny, tiny part of the website that tells search engines (and people looking), what the page or site is about. Try to use your top keywords in there.
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If you are ready to take action with your SEO or any other facet of digital marketing; contact us today! We’d love to discuss how we can help your business STAND OUT online!
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