Bianca is a self-confessed marketing nerd and is not only addicted to coffee;
but also to continual professional and personal development; fully committed to a life-long learning journey.

Bianca has always had a natural flair for marketing; and is qualified and experienced in a wide range of marketing services including strategy and implementation, digital and social media marketing, business systems and improvement, auditing and website design.

Bianca’s passion in life comes from helping her clients get the most from their businesses. She does this by undertaking marketing audits, creating customised strategies and mentoring her clients throughout their marketing and business journey. Bianca truly finds joy in her clients every success.

Bianca would describe herself as inquisitive and enjoys talking to anyone who will listen about a wide range of topics that interest her, including business tips, travel and lifestyle, latest technology and industry changes.



Bianca is available for 1-on-1 and group consulting, speaking, mentoring and training sessions in person, across Australia and Indonesia. She is also available remotely for any potential clients located outside of these areas.

I love to talk so much, that when I’m not able to talk… I write.

In my blogs, I cover a wide range of topics including business, marketing, travel, lifestyle, motherhood and chronic pain.


How to Toilet Train an incredibly stubborn child....

Historic Tips from the Mum of two of them.... UPDATE: This post was written several years ago for a different blog. At the end of this blog post,

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Breast Implants... Paying the ultimate price for beauty.

I stare straight up into the bright lights over head. The cannula is quickly inserted and he starts rubbing my arm gently. His kind eyes and his ge

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Living With Chronic Pain - My Journey

My alarm goes off. I've barely slept after another long night of tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable without the searing pain waking me

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